Caffenol vs HC-110

In my new video I compared Caffenol and HC-110 as film developers. Caffenol is a film developer made from household products, usually by mixing coffee, washing soda, vitamin C powder and water together. As mentioned in the video, I didn’t use vitamin C in this particular experiment.

The results are quite interesting. With Caffenol, the negative has a yellow brownish tint and is less dense, meaning the negative is less developed. As a result, the end image looks darker than HC-110 counterpart.

screenshot from the video

The grains with Caffenol are also much more pronounced. It is more obvious in the 35mm Tri-X negatives.

screenshot from the video

You can check out my video for full observations. To conclude it is quite a fun experiment to have (especially you have a lot more time during quarantine).

Stay safe and keep shooting!

Plum Blossoms on Provia 100F

How are you all holding up? Hope you are doing well and keeping yourself sane.

Sharing a roll of 120 Provia 100F I shot back in February in my new video. There is this plum tree in my area, apparently quite popular among photographers, it would blossom every year around late winter.

On a day in February, I went out and shot this plum tree, here are some of the images.

Pentax 6×7 MLU | SMC 200mm f/4 | Fujifilm Provia 100F

Stay Home and Shoot Eggs

How are you doing? I hope you are doing well and staying safe.

Loosely speaking, I have been working from home since February. One of the positive things about this is I have a lot more time on hand to do and create stuff. Along side photography, I have started printing and baking a lot more. (Baking kills time very well)

Finding things to shoot at home can be challenging. This is one of those light bulb moment, when I warmed the eggs to room temperature…

Mamiya RB67 Pro-S | Mamiya-Sekor C 127mm f/3.8 | Fomapan 200 | HC-110H