#FilmFeb 2018

#FilmFeb is a twitter conversation initiated by Jason Avery, every day in February 2018 a new film photography-related question is posted. I thought it would be a great idea to put all my answers in this post. It will be updated throughout the month.

1) What are your top 3 goals with film for 2018?
  • create a dedicated darkroom/printing space at home (current one is a makeshift space on a small desk, it is also my bedroom)
  • try out cotton rag photo paper
  • develop E6 slide film at home
2) What film are you excited about using the most?

Rollei Infrared 4×5

3) One camera, one film, one film; which three would you choose?
  • Camera: Mamiya RB67
  • Film: Ilford HP5+
  • Location: Amadiya (Amedi) in Iraqi Kurdistan
4) Any tips for first time developers?
  • bring scissors into the changing bag
  • label your chemicals
  • chemical/temperature measurements can be approximate (b&w)

Inevitably you will mess up, just remember you are not alone, like I did with the above ones. Have fun!

5) What’s your favourite instant film & why?

Fujifilm FP-3000B – it is pure magic. On the other hand I can’t wait to (save some money) and shoot some 8×10 Polaroids!

6) Do you use the zone system? Any tips?

No, as I mainly shoot 35mm and medium format, incorporating zone system might be too much. It is more feasible when shooting large format. I will look into it when I shoot LF!

7) What cameras are on your 2018 wish list?
  • Nikon S3
  • Pentacon Six
  • Graflex Speed Graphic 4×5

Very ambitious I would say, but you gotta think big!

8) Light meter or spot? Why?

Light meter because I don’t have a spot meter. I use in-camera / phone light meters.

9) Do you have camera conventions in your area?

Not that I know of, though I don’t actively reach out to/search for conventions. There is the camera gear market, it is gear-centric though. Wish there were more film camera communities and photo clubs here.

10) Would you give a camera to a friend to get them started in photography?

Yes, disposable film cameras, they are a casual and fun way to start photography. Olympus OM / Nikon FE(2) would be the serious choice.

11) Share your best image from 2017

I don’t usually pick the best images from a year but discovering wet markets in Bangkok is the most memorable.

12) Are you trying a new format for 2018?

Yes, I have barely shot a few sheets of 4×5, but I am gonna shoot 8×10 this year. Hopefully!

13) Are you film only or you have digital too?

Film only!

14) Do you have a darkroom or plans to build one?

Whenever I need to print, I clean up my desk first. I plan to make it a dedicated space this year. Here is a photo when not in use.

15) Recommend a fabulous photography shop.

I really want to recommend a local shop in Hong Kong but I can’t. Mine goes to KHB Photografix in Canada. They are specialized in enlargers/accessories and I got my Omega from them. A lot of info on their site! http://www.khbphotografix.com/

16) What is the weirdest thing you have ever photographed?

My great-uncle’s funeral, it was quite different and weird.

17) Top 5 Films
  • Fujifilm Velvia 50
  • Fujifilm Acros 100
  • Kodak Ektar
  • Ilford HP5+
  • Ferrania P30
18) Have you built your own camera?

No. I would probably make some pinholes out of shoeboxes and cans, but really I can’t be bothered

19) Have you ever used chromogenic film?

I have shot 1 or 2 rolls of XP2 and didn’t like it.

20) What style of photography would push you out of your comfort zone?

Fashion and wildlife, both I have never done.

21) What film developing chemicals do you recommend and why?

I recommend HC-110 as a general purpose developer. HC-110, T-MAX, Rollei Rodinal are the only ones I have used; I have not tried enough developers to make more intelligent advice.

22) Who would you spend a day shooting with?

Sebastião Salgado or Ted Forbes, both of them are very passionate about educating the next generation. I can probably learn a lot by just talking to them.

23) Why do you think there has been a resurgence of film lately?

Film is tangible, handcrafted, physically connected and not immediate. More people are now looking into and indulging in activities with the above qualities and properties. Film seems cheaper to a lot of people, but things can escalate very quickly.

24) This is my everyday bag, sometimes I would swap an SLR in.

25) If someone said film is dead, what would your response be?

I will offer to shoot a portrait of them. In case of instax or polaroid, I will gift the picture to them; if it’s film, I will make a print and gift them.

26) What do you think makes the film community so strong?

Most people in the community knows what they are into, and it only makes sense to be supportive with each other/the community. The better we do as a whole the longer we can do this. (if that makes sense)

27) Is instant film part of your photography?

Yes, I always try to catch up with all kinds of instant film available. I usually use it to document family moments or something specific that I think it will look good on instant films.

28) Has #filmfeb taught you anything?

Yes and the most important part is the community. It is good to see there are many fellow film photographers out in the wild to be discovered. It shows how strong the community really is.


So there you have it, 28 questions answered. Thanks to Jason again of taking his time to kick start this initiative. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Ciao!