Caffenol vs HC-110

In my new video I compared Caffenol and HC-110 as film developers. Caffenol is a film developer made from household products, usually by mixing coffee, washing soda, vitamin C powder and water together. As mentioned in the video, I didn’t use vitamin C in this particular experiment.

The results are quite interesting. With Caffenol, the negative has a yellow brownish tint and is less dense, meaning the negative is less developed. As a result, the end image looks darker than HC-110 counterpart.

screenshot from the video

The grains with Caffenol are also much more pronounced. It is more obvious in the 35mm Tri-X negatives.

screenshot from the video

You can check out my video for full observations. To conclude it is quite a fun experiment to have (especially you have a lot more time during quarantine).

Stay safe and keep shooting!

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