Western District Public Cargo Pier / 西區公眾貨物裝卸區

I don’t know why one would name a place after a social media. Who is that stupid person? I want to find them and shoot them in the face… with my camera. It is called “Western District Public Cargo Pier” after all. Shot with Nikon FE2 on Ferrania P30, developed in Kodak HC-110B

Darkroom Notes – Russian A125 Black and White Film

Update on 4 Nov 2019 – The store is not showing the product page of this film anymore. A while back I found this A125 black and white negative film from Russia, bought 10 rolls of them. As far as I can gather, it is developed and made in Russia, and bulk-loaded in Kodak film […]

Unboxing Silberra Films!

After the indiegogo campaign, Silberra Film from Russia finally delivered the first batch of perks! Specifically the PAN200 and ULTIMA200 black and white films. I did a janky unboxing video… As an avid film photographer, I am always excited for any new films in the market! One interesting point to note is the film canisters […]