Unboxing Silberra Films!

After the indiegogo campaign, Silberra Film from Russia finally delivered the first batch of perks! Specifically the PAN200 and ULTIMA200 black and white films. I did a janky unboxing video…

As an avid film photographer, I am always excited for any new films in the market! One interesting point to note is the film canisters do not have DX codes. I recall Silberra has done a poll on twitter asking people whether DX code is important, I guess most of the photographers don’t really care.

I sure hope Silberra will go into full mass production soon. For now I have 2 rolls waiting for me to shoot.

After shooting the 2 rolls, I will probably do another video showing my shooting, developing process and of course the photos!

Green Hub / 綠匯學苑

Green Hub was originally the Old Tai Po Police Station, built in 1899. It was then re-purposed by Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden. Today it is a place promoting local organic farming, vegetarian and history showcase of Tai Po Police Station.

Shot with Nikon FE2 on Washi S, developed in Kodak HC-110B.