Afternoon and Sunset in Kwun Tong

It was a nice and clear December afternoon where I just got my Nikkor 105mm lens repaired, these are some test shots after I got the lens back with Fujicolor 100. I think they turned out great! Not having shot Fujicolor 100 for a while, I am surprised how warm the photos came out… well I guess it was sunset anyway…

Nikon F3 | Nikkor-PC Auto 105mm f/2.5 | Fujicolor 100

New Video – Printing Sesh #02

Another Saturday another video! (I hope I can keep up the weekly schedule)

In this video I share my darkroom prints made last year, including some contact sheets shot in Taiwan, and a few 35mm prints. I find Ilford’s RC Pearl paper to be the best for contact sheets, it is easy to handle.

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New Video – Street Level with T-MAX 400

This is a new try for me, making video about myself shooting on the street. I take a lot inspiration from other photographers on Youtube, and I thought it might be interesting to make videos myself.

I was half grocery shopping and half shooting with my Konica Genba Kantoku 28 HG and Kodak T-MAX 400. As you may or may not know, wet market is my favoured terrain.

So there you go, any thoughts and comments are appreciated!