Darkroom Notes – A125 Film Update

In the last darkroom note I stated some developing times for the mysterious A125 black and white film – HC-110B for 10 mins, R09 Rodinal 1+25 for 12 mins.

Well, it turns out it is way too long. I have tried 6 minutes for HC-110B and 7 minutes for Rodinal. Both films turned out fine.

Foqus A125, developed in HC-110B at 20d.c. for 6 mins

That being said, I think this film can handle long developing time very well, considering I have developed it in HC-110B for 22 minutes, and the film did not look overdeveloped at all.

I would say the midtones and shadows have more detail when developed with HC-110. However with Rodinal, you get this very pleasing look, which I prefer that over HC-110.

Foqus A125, developed in R09 Rodinal 1+25 at 20d.c. for 7 mins

For the record, I still don’t know what this A125 film from Russian is, it is claimed to be developed and manufactured in Russia. They also make the Type-D 200 film, which I am going to try.

Locked in the 80s

Last day of March, I visited the cemetery in Chai Wan area, neighbouring it is a public housing – Wan Tsui Estate (環翠邨). It was first completed in 1979 and haven’t changed ever since. I really love public housing built in the 70s and 80s in Hong Kong.

Shot with Nikon F4 on Fujicolor Industrial 400

Back from Thailand!

After a week of relative visiting and drowning in sweat, I am finally back home.  Very happy to report I have shot most of my films that were brought. Because of the great sunny weather in Bangkok, I didn’t have a chance to expose the 120 Provia 400X.

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What camera will I bring to Bangkok?

I will be going to Bangkok from 24 – 30 March. Although I have been Bangkok for 5/6 times, I haven’t done as much travelly touristy thing as I hoped. Hopefully this time!

Now, to the gear:

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春秧街 Chun Yeung Street Market

Another day in Chun Yeung Street market, North Point. The tram rail is under maintenance so no tram is running through then.

Shot with Pentax MX on Foqus A125, developed in Kodak HC-110B