It is said that in the 7th month of the lunar calendar every year, the “gate” between our world and the Hell would open. Hungry ghosts, who could not “reincarnate”, wander around in our realm with no particular purpose.

The Hungry Ghost Festival may sound horrifying, but under the surface it is about religion, humanity and respect to our ancestors. In this month, people gather, donate money, pay worship all around Hong Kong.

Religion ceremonies, communal feasts and traditional dramas are held. It is not exaggerating to say you can witness the peak of our culture and humanity during Hungry Ghost Festival.

It is also a slowly disappearing form of art – Taoist/Buddhist ceremonies, bamboo scaffolding, traditional drama, banner making, decreasing interest from young people… Coming from a visual perspective, Hungry Ghost Festival is a great opportunity to capture and record our culture.

Side notes – this set of photos contain both film and digital images.