Popular photo spot vs a roll of expired T-MAX 100

I recently got a roll of Kodak T-MAX 100 expired in 2009, it has been lying in my refrigerator for a while. A couple of weeks ago I went to PMQ and saw a photo exhibition of Nicole Tung, featuring works involving Syria children in turmoil. Before that I had some time to walk around […]

Obsessed with a street scene

Have you ever have a feeling that whenever you walk on the street, you always wonder how a particular spot looks like at this particular time? I don’t think everyone would do that, but apparently I am obsessed with Graham Street in Central, Hong Kong. Whenever I am nearby, I would always end up there and […]

The Bamboo Love

The other day I was walking around Central during lunch time. I saw 3 “masters” are loading bamboo sticks on their truck. In Hong Kong, you can see bamboo scaffoldings virtually in every construction site. It is one of the most iconic temporary structure you can see here. Still, the business is shrinking because stainless […]