Locked in the 80s

Last day of March, I visited the cemetery in Chai Wan area, neighbouring it is a public housing – Wan Tsui Estate (環翠邨). It was first completed in 1979 and haven’t changed ever since. I really love public housing built in the 70s and 80s in Hong Kong.

Shot with Nikon F4 on Fujicolor Industrial 400

Back from Thailand!

After a week of relative visiting and drowning in sweat, I am finally back home.  Very happy to report I have shot most of my films that were brought. Because of the great sunny weather in Bangkok, I didn’t have a chance to expose the 120 Provia 400X.

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What camera will I bring to Bangkok?

I will be going to Bangkok from 24 – 30 March. Although I have been Bangkok for 5/6 times, I haven’t done as much travelly touristy thing as I hoped. Hopefully this time!

Now, to the gear:

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