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So long, Tsukiji!

The curtain has just closed in the world famous Tsukiji Inner Market in Tokyo on 6th October, after over 80 years of operation. I have been posting photos shot in Tsukiji market on my instagram for a few weeks now. The photos are taken during my Eastern Japan trip in 2016. I thought it will be great to post the photos altogether here as a tribute.

All photos taken with Leica M2, Voigtlander Color-Skopar 35/2.5 PII on Fujicolor Superia X-TRA

Tuna auction is a major tourist attraction
Tuna auction
Turret trucks are a major mode of transportation inside the market
inside the Tsukiji Inner Market
Turret truck and ice-maker
Tsukiji Inner Market
Tsukiji Inner Market
A back alley in Tsukiji Inner Market
Tsukiji Inner Market

Personally it’s sad to see Tsukiji close, but I am also excited about the new Toyosu market, which just started operation on 11th October. I can’t wait to visit Tokyo again!