The Bamboo Love

The other day I was walking around Central during lunch time. I saw 3 “masters” are loading bamboo sticks on their truck.

In Hong Kong, you can see bamboo scaffoldings virtually in every construction site. It is one of the most iconic temporary structure you can see here.

Still, the business is shrinking because stainless steel scaffolding are becoming more preferred. People say it is dangerous to build and work around bamboo scaffolding, but the truth is we hardly hear any injuries in the news.

I wish to document whenever I see bamboo scaffolding. God knows 10 years later they could be replaced completely.

Shot with Nikon FE2 on Kodak Portra 400

Western District Public Cargo Pier / 西區公眾貨物裝卸區

I don’t know why one would name a place after a social media. Who is that stupid person? I want to find them and shoot them in the face… with my camera. It is called “Western District Public Cargo Pier” after all.

Shot with Nikon FE2 on Ferrania P30, developed in Kodak HC-110B

Green Hub / 綠匯學苑

Green Hub was originally the Old Tai Po Police Station, built in 1899. It was then re-purposed by Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden. Today it is a place promoting local organic farming, vegetarian and history showcase of Tai Po Police Station.

Shot with Nikon FE2 on Washi S, developed in Kodak HC-110B.