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Darkroom Notes – Developing the Washi W Film

Japanese Paper Film?

Months ago I bought a roll of 120 Washi W film; I was interested in how traditional Japanese paper (washi) would perform as a film base. A massive shoutout to Film Washi, “the smallest film manufacturer in the world”, which to my knowledge is an one man operation in France.

Exposure Problem Solved?

I was visiting the Lung Yeuk Tau Heritage Trail in Fanling, Hong Kong and decided to bring the film and the tripod out and for a shoot. Before the trip I was searching for exposure guide for the Washi W film and came across this page from “The Film Photography” blog, which suggests to shoot at ISO3 and develop in Rodinal 1+50. I thought this is a good starting point.

Developing problems…

The shoot went well and I was ready to work back home. The film needs to be developed in a darkroom in a red safe light. Yes, the film is not sensitive to red light.

Same setup as developing 5×7 prints but…

There is a major difficulty: the film is way too long for developing in these trays… the solution? Grabbing both ends of the film with each hand and dip the film few inches at a time. I needed to shuffle the film back and forth… my forearms were sore after the development.

After 2/3 minutes the images are formed and stable, now do the same thing again with stop bath and fixer. It was quite demanding… for my arms.

Emulsion falling apart

During development I noticed little pieces of the emulsion were falling apart. I guess my hands are too sloppy to handle the film… leading results like below…

Spots everywhere…
Spots everywhere…

I have to use spot healing to get some satisfying images.

The final images… after spot healing

I have to say I really like the quality of the film and the results. I still have 2 boxes of 4×5 Washi W and will definitely shoot them as soon as possible… and they are easier to handle then rollfilm!

Fujica GW690II, Washi W, Rodinal 1+50
Fujica GW690II, Washi W, Rodinal 1+50
Fujica GW690II, Washi W, Rodinal 1+50

Tourists from China Sit and Crouch

Tourists from China to Hong Kong always like to sit and crouch literally everywhere they want to. I don’t know about you but I find it very disgusting. There is a huge cultural difference between China and Hong Kong, people from Hong Kong don’t normally sit or crouch on the floor.

Yes, you heard it right, Hong Kong is totally different from China.

Contax T3, Kosmo Foto Mono 100, R09 One Shot
Contax T3, Kosmo Foto Mono 100, R09 One Shot

The other day I pass by Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, where loads of tourist take photo at Victoria Harbour. I can’t help but noticing tourists from China doing that. I hate it but I want to capture it.

So here you go, what do you think?