Khlong Toei Market, Bangkok (Part 3) – The People and the Goods

Check out Part 1 Part 2 if you haven’t already! — After getting used to sharing the road with motorcycles and bicycles, I began shooting. It was a very busy Monday afternoon, I can barely stop and have to keep moving while shooting. Foreigners like me are a rare sight there – “normal” tourists would […]

Khlong Toei Market, Bangkok (Part 2) – Chaotic Bikes

Note – This is Part 2 of my experience at Khlong Toei Market, see Part 1 for more. — After going in the Khlong Toei Market, the first thing I needed to get used to is the bikes. At the market, motorcycles, bicycles share the road with pedestrians, which is not common at all in […]

Khlong Toei Market, Bangkok (Part 1) – Getting to the Market

Last year during my annual trip to Bangkok, I had some free time and decided to go to a place I have only heard before – Khlong Toei Market. Named as “best-kept secret in Bangkok” and “the kitchen of Bangkok”, Khlong Toei Market has a lot of fresh ingredients to offer, meat, fish, vegetables, spices, […]